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  Cognex / DVT   Freeware Win
All of Cognex's software is free! Cognex's FrameWork for machine vision, provides algorithms and functionality found only on high end vision systems—like Ethernet communications, Active X controls, scripting, and OCR. Cognex is also an Infinity OEM/Specialty Dealer.

  HeliconSoft Freeware Win
3D software for stacking images.

  Imaging Primer Software Win
Image processing software for Microsoft Windows. Graftek has a great set of imaging tools which integrate well with Infinity instruments. In addition, Graftek is an Infinity OEM/Dealer.

  LabVIEW Software Win, Mac, Sun, HP-UX
Development environment for systems integration of test equipment.
Infinity has partnered with MSE Optical Systems, for custom integration of LabVIEW software with Infinity instruments.
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  NIH Image Freeware Win
Measurement Software; Imaging Software; Image for Microsoft Windows.

  Zerene Stacker Software Win
Zerene Stacker 3D software for stacking images.

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