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Systems Integration and Custom Programs Using
Infinity Photo-Optical Company has resources available for National Instrument’s LabVIEW development environment for systems integration of test equipment

Infinity has partnered with MSE Optical Systems, for custom integration of LabVIEW software with Infinity instruments.

LabVIEW is quickly becoming the standard in computer graphical programming languages. It runs under Windows (our preferred development), MAC (power PC), Sun and HP-UX. LabVIEW can execute external programs and one can read other file formats, thus serving as a master controller.

Any system that is IEEE 488, RS-232/485 ready, is a candidate for a LabVIEW virtual instrument (VI) interface and control program.

Additionally, discrete analog and digital signal analysis and control are possible with add on interface boards.

OEM Applications
If your clients need a LabVIEW driver for their instrument, we can develop one and package it with a stand alone application to drive your product. We can also write custom applications for you to resell to your customers.
INFINITY/MSE can quickly develop applications you can trust and distribute with your instruments—with confidence—royalty-free.


If you would like to use Infinity instruments
with the following capabilities:

  • Web browser control of remote zoom and focus
    (virtual microscopy over the Internet, Intranet or VPN)
  • Image processing / measurement of biological samples
    and semiconductor processes
  • Process control with visual icons and indicators
  • Remote-motorized, autofocus and zoom control
  • Signal processing of analog or digital signals
  • Computer control of IEEE or serially interfaced test equipment…
…Please contact Mark Stangl
Phone:  303-440-4544 or 303-499-3163
Fax:  303-440-4144

Notice: Infinity does not provide support for third-party software downloaded from other sites.

 Download LabVIEW from National Instruments.