InfiniProbe™ TS-160 Universal

100 Years Ago... This Was State-Of-The Art:

Today...The InfiniProbe TS-160 is.

Infinity's InfiniProbe TS-160 MACRO on a Canon system.
Just one of its suggested configurations.

When it comes to MACRO/MICRO Imaging...


The TS-160 is capable of resolution like this:

Incredible TS-160-captured digital images of a fly and details of its eye by Roy Larimer of DUN Inc.

The TS-160 is a radically new approach to macro/micro imaging. It has a Variable Iris, but no f/stops. It focuses internally without any changes to its outer dimensions. Its front lens is a specially-calculated microscope objective or a macro auxiliary. It ranges magnification from 0 to as much as 16x and can focus anywhere from infinity down to 18mm. Almost any camera up to and including those with 35mm sensors can be used with it. It is so easy to use that it literally sets the best image for you every time you focus. It may be a "counter-intuitive" experience even to experienced photographers. It is the InfiniProbe TS-160 from Infinity Photo-Optical Company. Quality macro/micro imaging has become simple and easy.

Fly's eye by Roy Larimer using the InfiniProbe TS-160 and primary Micro HM Objective
InfiniProbe TS-160
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InfiniProbe TS-160 with primary MICRO HM Objective on a Canon DSLR.

The TS-160 System

If you are reading this, you probably use zoom microscopes or macro lenses. Until now, you could use a zoom microscope in your lab or take a macro lens into the field. It was either/or. No longer. InfiniProbe TS-160 is a small wonder that weighs as little as 295g [10.5 oz], focuses internally, and (once configured) never changes its dimensions or balance.

Camera Sensor by world-famous photographer Charles Krebs (more below)

The TS-160 is the latest in the InfiniProbe™ Series from Infinity Photo-Optical. Like all InfiniProbes, the TS-160 can focus from infinity to only millimeters from an object. Unlike any of the other InfiniProbes, TS-160 can be used directly with almost any digital or video camera—all while producing world-class images comparable to the best zoom microscopes that do not directly cover formats up to 35mm. It is a universal format system.

The TS-160 consists of a Main Body which contains a patent-pending internally focusable optical system, activated by a Focusing Ring which turns 360-degrees. Inside is a provision for 25mm diameter filters (for example, polarizers or fluorescence types). At its rear is a T24mm tube which allows access to accessories when temporarily removed—or can be exchanged with a mount for use on a stereo microscope stand. A Clamp is available so that the TS-160 can be mounted on tripods or fixtures via 1/4-20 or two "outboard" M4 taps. A Variable Iris allows contrast and aberrational control.

Cinemaphotomacrography with the TS-160

Cinemaphotomacrography: The TS-160 shown with ARRIFLEX PL mount.

"Unbelievable!" was how naturalist and cinematographer Gunnar Olav Nilsen put it when he took his first real-time video with the TS-160. He sent us this single frame taken at 100fps in the field.

U.S. Penny (detail) taken with original TS-160 prototype by H Jay Margolis
Shell casing taken with original TS-160 prototype by H Jay Margolis

InfiniProbe TS-160 Photos by James G. Averill / TheMICROBG @ YouTube

Blue Gold
Blue Gold
InfiniProbe TS-160 with secondary Macro Objective on a Canon DSLR.

Never Lose Sight of Your Subject

The InfiniProbe TS-160 is not a zoom lens. It is a continuously-focusable microscope. This means you can focus on any suitable object at a distance and move in to see it become a single frame at great magnification. Instead of being limited to a single working distance, you can choose whatever standoff you wish. You will never lose sight of your object as you focus closer and closer. As you focus, detail (resolution) increases and depth of field gets shallower. If you need more depth of field, just back up to get what you need. The depth of field and magnification are then balanced for best results.

The TWO Configurations in EVERY TS-160

In the secondary Macro configuration, the Focuser becomes the main optical system. When the front Macro Objective is added, it becomes a useful imager in its own right. However, this is not an actual InfiniProbe configuration. Although (in effect) only part of the total TS-160 is utilized in this way, the Macro configuration is compact and produces high depth of field. This means that if images are Z-stacked, fewer are needed. The Macro Objective is included with every TS-160 as a supplement to the kit and functions from 0-4x from infinity to 32mm at 0.063 NA.

In the true InfiniProbe configuration, the Focuser is used as a top system that "seeks" the aerial image "presented" to it by a front microscope objective (the Micro HM). This actually amounts to being a special form of compound microscope. As a result, the Micro HM objective can achieve very high aperture and high resolution. Consequently, the Micro HM fulfills the TS-160's greatest potentials. The Micro HM Objective functions from 0-16x from infinity to 18mm at 0.16 NA or better. The InfiniProbe TS-160 is neither supplied nor sold without the Micro HM Objective being part of the original kit.

Manual Z-Stacking for Extended Depth of Field (Focus)

Since the TS-160's internal focus adjustment "peels away" focus with amazing sensitivity, you can focus on a detail and then slowly turn the control ring to take shots through several levels. The Macro's depth of field facilitates a minimum of shots for stacking. Of course, the Macro Objective is great for general use.

But the ultimate versatility for resolution and magnification comes from mounting the Micro HM Objective on the TS-160. That's why we call it the primary objective for TS-160—especially because the TS-160 then operates in true InfiniProbe mode. You can convert from one to the other just by interchanging these front objectives. No tube length changes or other accessories are needed.

Which objective should you use? Well, only you can determine that. The good thing is, every InfiniProbe TS-160 comes as a kit with both front objectives included. You can always choose the configuration most suited to the work or conditions at hand. That's why the TS-160 is truly two lenses in one.

As to software to use: We have received favorable reports from users that Zerene Stacker and Helicon Focus work well with the TS-160. Infinity, however, does not sell or supply either.

The TS-160 has a variable Iris Control. Its use is traditional with the MACRO Objective: The best position for the balance of contrast and resolution is obtained when the first "jump" in contrast is observed. Any position more or less open will either degrade the resolution or provide too much contrast. However, the setting is left to the judgment of the user.

This is not the case when the TS-160 is used with its primary objective: MICRO HM (Highest Magnification). When the Micro HM is used, the TS-160 truly functions in the InfiniProbe configuration. That is, the HM is used to provide an aerial image within the long tube which is focused upon by the top optical system. The role of the Iris is not to control exposure, depth of field or contrast. Its real function is to set the top optical system for its optimum performance, reducing aberrations to the theoretical minimum. This occurs between lines two and three on the Iris' scale (left of center). A little "weighting" towards the third line will prove useful from time to time. But if the Iris is set at any other position when the Micro HM is used, imagery will be degraded. Of course, the Iris can be used more open or closed for creative or artistic impressions. But if the best HM Objective image is desired, the proper position of the Iris should be set between lines two and three.

InfiniProbe TS-160 Photos by World-Famous Photomicrographer Charles Krebs

More Photos taken with the TS-160 by Charles Krebs:

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InfiniProbe TS-160 with primary MICRO HM Objective on a Clamp/Mounting Bar
InfiniProbe TS-160 with secondary MACRO Objective on a Clamp/Mounting Bar

Use Any Camera

What makes the TS-160 universal is its format compatibility. Depending on the adapter, the TS-160 can be used with all cameras up to and including 24 x 36mm (35mm format).

Whichever camera body you choose to use with the TS-160 is your personal decision and choice—since it works on almost any camera body you care to use. You can use cameras and accessories (such as flash units) you already have by simply transferring the TS-160 to them.

The TS-160 is a revolution in imaging capability. Because, to put it simply, a single TS-160 can be equipped to replace or be an alternative to, a whole series of lenses/instruments in a lab—or in the field. And as we get input from users, its capabilities will continue to expand.

Here, an Olympus DSLR is used on an InfiniProbe TS-160. If there is a T-mount for it, the brand of your choice can be used.
  • If imaging is what you want to do, you no longer need some of the most expensive macroscopes and stereo microscopes to do it. Believe it or not, the TS-160 functionally replaces them.
  • With modern DSLR or APS.-C cameras equipped with smart phone capabilities, you can now capture and transmit quality macro/micro images from on-site. Not "snapshots." Real, lab-quality, evidence-quality images.
InfiniProbe TS-160 in the secondary Macro configuration. Shown on a full frame 35mm Nikon Df DSLR.
The InfiniProbe TS-160 System shown with optional Mounting Clamp and Mounting Bar
TS-160 MACRO with InfiniLight™ for Canon Macro Flash mounted on a Canon DSLR.
Only the TS-160 allows the flash to actually be mounted on it in this way.
InfiniLight™ Adapters. Canon Adapter (left) and Nikon Adapter (right).

InfiniLight™ Adapter Tubes

Presently there are two InfiniLight Tubes with front flanges to fit Canon and Nikon flash units onto the TS-160 Main Body. The InfiniLight combines with the TS-160 to make a very compact yet efficacious macro system with self-contained flash illumination.

The InfiniLight consists of a flanged T tube part that is 12mm thick another 12mm T tube attached to it, thereby making it possible to exchange the supplied T24 tube so that the InfiniLight becomes integral to the TS-160. This also permits custom spacings (we will advise) for use with various cameras whose otherwise obstructive designs (e.g., those with thick built-in handles) to be utilized on the TS-160. As demands arise, we will consider producing other InfiniLight Tubes for makes other than Canon and Nikon.

TS-160 on stereomicroscope-type stand with InfiniLight™ for Canon DSLRs.
TS-160 on stereomicroscope-type stand with InfiniLight™ for Nikon DSLRs.

The Universal Imaging Solution

Not your average macro lens. Shown: The TS-160 mounted horizontally with Beam Splitter to image an outside object into a microscope objective's field. This unit was supplied to a Nobel Prize winning laboratory—JILA at the University of Colorado—to solve one of their most difficult problems.

InfiniProbe TS-160 represents a universal solution for digital and large format imaging—all in an extraordinarily compact unit. It defies comparison with the best zoom microscopes in terms of the imagery it produces. Yet, the TS-160 is far more cost-effective. With the InfiniProbe TS-160, you can take it with you. Or, you can mount it on a stand in your lab.

This poster appears on the wall at the JILA Laboratory which is now headed by Dr. Dana Z. Anderson. Recently at his invitation, Infinity's staff visited JILA. To see Infinity's visit to JILA—where they are now working on atomtronic transistor science, click here.

How to Order

The TS-160 comes essentially complete, ready for use "right out of the box." Both Micro HM and Macro Objectives are included. Just choose a mounting option and an appropriate camera adapter.

All in the PDFs

All the instructions, data tables and pricelist are in the PDF files above. They show how to configure the TS-160 and all dimensions, etc. Contact us to learn more about how the InfiniProbe TS-160 can solve your imaging problems.

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